Hen houses

The henhouse is a pure object of design in wood, imagined from an origami, with a simple operation. You can install it wherever you want. Thanks to its covered space, your chickens will enjoy your garden in complete safety.
Raising chickens is an increasingly popular activity, and many families are equipping themselves with a wooden henhouse to house their precious gallinaceous.
Nowadays, having chickens is a growing phenomenon. Ecological awareness, eating better, local ..., living better and cheaper ... all these reasons and many more are not counted.
We have 2 hen houses of different sizes: the Bohème hen house which can contain up to 4 hens and the cocotte hen house which can contain 2 or 3 hens.

Choosing Jardin Bohème for your hen houses means choosing solid and durable materials for your hens because they require no external maintenance. Indeed, the Bohemian hen house is made of wood already treated eco-responsible, the hen house is made of "aluminum" (check) designed to last.

We also want to make it as easy as possible for you to keep your chickens. Whatever the type of hen house : Bohème or Cocotte, we provide you with all the accessories such as: feeders, drinkers, etc. dishwasher-proof. All the accessories provided fit perfectly in the hen house.

Why have a chicken coop at home ?

The hen when she lays her eggs has several interests! Do you know them?

  •   The hen is the most economical and ecological animal. She recycles all your leftovers and green waste (peelings, old fruits...). It is a good point for the environment.
  • The hen eats the larvae of harmful insects lodged in the rotten fruits fallen on the ground and thus all the potential pests.
  • Eat good, fresh, high quality eggs all year round. It reduces your carbon footprint because it's local.
  • Chickens eat worms, small snails and insects in all their stages of development: eggs, larvae, caterpillars, adults... You save the use of many phytosanitary products for your plants. You will have a natural and organic garden.
  • You can reuse the droppings of your hens which is a powerful fertilizer for your vegetable garden for example. It is a homemade fertilizer!

So be eco-citizen and adopt chickens in your garden.

Your turnkey chicken houses

Our 2 hen houses have perches that allow the hens to rest at night and reassure them but also that their droppings fall directly onto an easily removable tray.

The sizes of our 2 hen houses are quite different. Indeed, it depends on the number of hens you have, the nature of your hens (breed/size/personality) and the frequency with which you let them walk outside the hen houses. You have the possibility to move the hen houses whether it is the Bohème hen house (wheels and easy to move) or Cocotte.

Moreover, you have the possibility of adding additional protections to our henhouses if you feel the need to repel potential predators.

Both of our coops are resistant to foxes and other predators such as badgers that might scare your chickens. They will be safe even when you are not watching them. In addition to being secure, our 2 hen houses are easily assembled and disassembled in a few minutes if you wish to move them.

The advantages of using our chicken coops

Why trust us with your chicken coop ?

  •  Collect your eggs every morning in the henhouse.
  • Chickens that maintain your garden.
  • Requires little maintenance time.
  • Recycle your waste.
  • And most of all, it's a joy for children.
  • Easy to clean for the 2 henhouses: Cocotte and Bohème.
  • Secure coops for total peace of mind.
  • Customizable henhouses in the paintings.
  • Excellent ventilation of the hen houses: warm in winter, cool in summer
  • Great comfort for the hens.

From the single plank of wood to the finishing touches, we master all the manufacturing steps to guarantee you the maximum reliability and satisfaction.

From the beginning of our company, we have adopted an approach of protection for the environment, which means that we use for the coach wood from French Pyrenean forests managed sustainably, ecological materials and paints not polluting (lasure and acrylic) and recycling of all remaining wood.

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