Gypsy trailer

Our Gypsy Caravan is a real invitation to travel and to a total change of scenery. This caravan is completely atypical and will offer you originality, authenticity, quality. With its colors, its cozy and cocooning atmosphere, it will seduce you for an unforgettable night.
roulotte insolite
Roulotte Gypsy

Embark on a journey in the "Gypsy", a symbol of freedom.

Its timeless and authentic aesthetic will give your exterior a touch of bohemian chic.

Ideal for :

- Your children: a dream refuge just steps away from their parents.
- Your friends: a cocooning space that allows you to keep your independence
- Your family : a comfortable place where everyone remains free

This unique decorative object will provide you with an additional space, insulated with ecological materials.

From 9 889 € TTC (empty & excluding shipping costs)

Features :

Designed like an authentic caravan or Irish trailer with modern comfort. The structure is made of 42 mm thick wooden slats. The whole is insulated with cotton. Produced in France, made of recycled denim. The roof is a PVC membrane.
We use mainly natural and local materials (pine, douglas & larch).

Our manufacturing, follows a sustainable development approach, short circuit, 100% French construction and custom.

You can customize the exterior colors.

The price of the "Gypsy" is 9 889 € TTC (Empty & excluding shipping costs).

roulotte en bois
Plan Roulotte Gypsy
Roulotte gypsy caravan
Roulotte Gypsy
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