3 types of Tiny house

Whatever your projects are, there is inevitably a type of Tiny House which is made for you! You can click on the image and then compare our models made by our carpenters from Gers.

Our Tiny Houses are real ecological wooden houses. Since recently, we have the zero waste label which rewards our ecological know-how. Our 3 types of tiny houses are designed and made to measure, each one is unique.

From 10 to 28 m², they are completely optimized. Adopting the tiny house is a choice of life towards more simplicity and finding time for yourself.

The Tiny House, the future of sustainable housing

It is well before the years 2000 that this type of habitat appeared at first in the United States of a movement advocating the simplicity of living daily in a small and healthy, sober place.

From the 2000s, this movement has evolved rapidly to nomadic wooden houses, loft, extensions of the house that are placed and moved. It is also at this time that the bohemian chic movement appeared: the desire for essential notions, to be autonomous, free. As a result, the comfort has really metamorphosed in the tiny house.

Changing habits by reducing consumption, adopting a new quiet lifestyle with small wooden houses ecological and economical, more respectful of the environment are also in the mores.

With the tiny house of Jardin Bohème, reduce your consumption in an intelligent way.

The legislation for tiny houses

For the tiny house, there is no need for a building permit. Indeed, your house does not have to be buildable. Our tiny houses are delivered on wheels and therefore without foundation.

2 things to know before buying our tiny house:

    If your land is buildable or already built: you must file a preliminary declaration of work at your town hall.
    If your land is not buildable, you need an authorization for extended or renewable parking. For this, it is better to refer to the town hall of your city.

Our ecological commitment

All the team with our carpenters have a sense of ecology and ethics. We wish to offer you trailers, tiny houses, nomadic houses, etc... respectful of the environment with natural noble materials, of proximity (wood of the Pyrenees resulting from sustainable forests), ecological.

Moreover, we are committed to insulating all our tiny houses to avoid heat loss, for example the roof and double glazing (but also special insulators, hard oil, coatings, insulating floor coverings) for the windows. They are thus trailers, tiny house totally eco-responsible. We also make custom-made in the sense that we adapt to your request of eco-construction.

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