Logistics and Transport

roulotte bois occasion
Livraison de roulotte


We deliver in all France and bordering countries (Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Monaco, Andorra, Luxembourg, Germany) from the Gers.

The cost per km depends on the distance. We make you a customized offer to optimize your price. For more distant deliveries, we work with transporters by invitation to tender in order to reduce the costs by grouping.

roulotte belle epoque
Mise en place d'une roulotte


We do our best to park as close as possible to your property. Then, two solutions:

    Either you have a tractor to pull the mobile home on your land from the unloading place.
    Or we provide a vehicle. Attention, if the ground is unstable or if there are risks concerning the adherence of our vehicle. The delivery will be interrupted.

 For the installation two solutions to be foreseen before the project:

either by rolling: foresee the necessary distances in relation to the template of the mobile habitat

or by craning: check the accessibility

Ground preparation: no concrete slab or sill is necessary. The ground must be flat and stabilized

 The connection of the networks (water, electricity, sanitation) is at your charge. We provide you with the ground plans.

The delivery in video

roulotte gitane ancienne
roulotte habitable
roulotte hotel

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