Loft and garden house

We are in an eco-responsible approach in the manufacturing of our loft and garden house which are made with wood from the Pyrenees PEFC. We also use recyclable aluminum for its hardness and ease of use.

Moreover, all our paints are entirely natural, not harmful.

Our trailers, tiny house, garden loft, nomadic house, extension are equipped with dry toilets.

The garden loft or garden office is a working space close to a main house. It allows you to work in peace and quiet for example and is considered as a dependency of the house. You can even transform it into a guest room.

Our 20m2 garden office can be used for several things:

    Teleworker (office space, kitchen space)
    Architect, project manager like a design office,
    Physiotherapist, Sophrologist... liberal profession who wish to be quiet.
    Carpenter's workshop as a commercial space for example

To you the freedom and the bohemian journey.

The advantages of the garden loft

Our garden loft or wooden house is delivered to your home in kit form, so you don't have to position yourself anywhere you want. Moreover, we take only 3 to 5 days to assemble your wooden house. The other advantage is that there is no need for a building permit because the surface is less than 20m ², however we advise you to ask your city hall before installing at home.

Also, you will not need to maintain your loft. The wood used and the materials are already treated.

Finally, the interior of your loft is totally customizable.

The interior design of the garden loft

loft de jardin bureau
L'intérieur du bureau de jardin

A House in your garden with the Loft Jardin Boheme

Designed exactly like a wooden house to ensure your comfort and independence

Thanks to its volumes you can :
 - Welcome family and friends,
 - Make a teenager's room,
 - Create a space for year-round or seasonal rental,
 - Rent to a student
 - Welcome a senior citizen (PMR adaptation)
 - Create a space dedicated to you: writing, yoga, painting workshop,...
 - Have an office: telecommuting, reception of customers, ...

Our lofts are custom made and fully customizable.

You choose the size of your loft, the interior layout, the location of the woodwork, the colors and exterior decorations. Together we will create a unique project that reflects your personality!

At Jardin Boheme, your loft is built like a wooden house:
- ecological insulation with wood wool
- Wooden joinery and double glazing
- Pilotis sealed to the ground
- Solid wood flooring.
- Terrace in treated wood for the exterior.
- Natural and local materials (Pine & Douglas) with wood cladding in Douglas treated autoclave class 4 to resist to bad weather.
- Designed with a robust and agricultural chassis built in France: facilitates the displacement or the resale
- Roof in flat steel tank totally waterproof.
- Openings with double glazed windows
- Joist at the entrance to support a garden shed or a canvas for example

We have a sustainable development approach, 100% French and short circuit

jardin boheme loft de jardin
Le loft de jardin

Your turnkey loft

The garden studio or garden loft is a real construction of independent individual house.

Our garden loft are totally custom-made and meet the demanding RT2012 standards in terms of heat and sound insulation.
You can choose your interior, options, finishes, windows, etc. ...

We install the wooden house on a stilt structure (which you can see on our photos above). The wood comes from forests of the Pyrenees PEFC, douglas class 4 treated. Indeed, this allows you to have a real house in the taste of your garden and to blend in.

We can also install a terrace on the roof.
This garden studio can allow you to benefit from a fully equipped work space. It is the ideal office and dreamed for telecommuting.

Garden loft legislation

There is no need for a building permit or a declaration of works at the town hall for the garden loft because it is installed on wooden stilts up to 20 m².
Please check with your local council before installing your garden loft.

The layout of our garden studio

Here is a sample of our plans, we design to measure according to your expectations:

The exterior visit of the garden loft

The interior visit of the garden loft

Transportation and logistics of the garden loft

roulotte gitane ancienne
roulotte habitable
roulotte hotel

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