Nomadic House

A Nomadic House: Keeping the nomadic spirit while keeping the modern comfort, true art of living!

This sublime nomadic house is in fact a real ultra comfortable mobile house composed of a living room/kitchen, a bathroom/WC, a bedroom to live in all year round or during vacations and even a double terrace of 11 m² on the roof and at the back. It is especially mobile and is assembled without a concrete slab and therefore on pilots/wheels.

maison nomade
L'intérieur de la maison nomade

The first Nomadic and modular house! It is a real mobile home designed to live there all year round with your family.

Thanks to its volumes you can :
- Live alone or with your family,
- Welcome family and friends,
- Create a space to welcome a senior citizen (better than a retirement home, with PMR adaptation),
- Create a space for seasonal rental,
- To make a rental investment in your garden (for an optimal management and without the annex charges)
- To welcome your children

For the installation, you need :
- Only a flat and stable ground
- To have the arrivals of the networks (water, electricity and evacuation)
- No need for masonry

Our nomadic houses are made to measure and can be fully customized.

You choose the size of your loft, the interior layout, the location of the woodwork, the colors and exterior decorations. Together, we create a unique project that looks like you!

We have a sustainable development approach, 100% French and short circuit

The advantages of a nomadic home:

At Jardin Bohème, your nomadic home is built like a wooden house:

- Bigger than a classic tiny house, you will be able to choose your way of life
- Ecological insulation in wood wool
- Moveable on all roads
- Wooden joinery and double glazing
- Natural and local materials (Autoclave pine class 4 & Douglas fir) from PEFC certified sustainable forests, resistant and waterproof
- Designed with a transport gauge and a semi-trailer type chassis: easy to move or resell
- No need for a building permit or prior declaration of work
- Enhances the value of your land
- Exceptional energy performance.
- No maintenance required for the exterior wood. It is already treated.

The installation is easy and fast, it takes one day. No need to move, you can move your house!

The nomadic house is therefore at the same time aesthetic, economical, ecological and sustainable.

Transportation of the nomadic house

The nomadic house of Jardin Bohème is placed directly on a trailer of about 8 meters supporting a load of more than 3.5 tons, which is the maximum allowed on the roads for transport. The nomadic house is therefore in compliance with the Highway Code.
The size of our trailer is : 8 meters long * 2.5 meters wide * 3.5 meters high ( limit in height).
We make the delivery everywhere in France and make deliver in the world.

Interior :

Why is our nomadic house so successful ?

This nomadic house is inspired by the mobile home but with all the comfort of a real house. Everything is optimized inside: kitchen, bedroom, terrace, living room...
It is very successful because it takes only 10 days to assemble it instead of several months for a concrete house. You can live there all year long.  It is even more equipped with a terrace of more than 11 m² and a mezzanine inside for a maximum saving of space.

Exterior :

Features and layout :


    Habitable module: 2.5 m wide, length between 8 & 14 m on a typical mobile frame
    Possibility to assemble ONE to several modules
    Designed like a house : integrated kitchen / Bathroom with Italian shower or bathtub
    Exterior douglas fir cladding (natural or color of your choice)
    Wood wool insulation (wall/ceiling/floor) in compliance with the RT 2012 standard
    Solid parquet floor
    Interior : Wall & ceiling in solid wood paneling

Possible options :

    Cladding with clear way (idem photo central part)
    Terraces & roof terrace with stairs + railings
    Interior layout
    Connected systems & hifi
    Bathroom (shower + sink + WC) possibility bathtub
    Kitchen (worktop + plates + sink + shelves + cupboard + built-in appliances)
    Mezzanine (+ stairs or ladder)
    Heating system
    Autonomous systems (solar)

Project presented: 130 000 €

The visit of the Nomadic House

The visit of the interior of the Nomadic House

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