You have been waiting for it for a long time. Our beautiful coach is now available for sale. The coach is the charm 100% made in France par excellence.

With this magnificent coach, it is the originality in the French way and to be able to benefit from a unique, ecological and natural accommodation.

For this carriage, we have raised our level of requirement: a carriage built in wood from French forests sustainably managed and protected, a use of non-polluting paints (without trace of formaldehyde, or allergenic product). It is a 100% ecological coach that respects the environment.

The coach is for everyone: you, your friends, your children, grandparents, family. In short, everyone is invited in this new wonderful universe. Once inside the coach, you will discover a world of tranquility

Les constructeurs du carrosse
Les constructeurs du carrosse

The interior of the coach

Enter this unusual, original and unique accommodation in France to combine pleasure, well-being and comfort!

With this coach, we are convinced, you will be completely disoriented.

The coach allows you to disconnect completely from reality because it has never been seen anywhere in France and to relax. Be carefree for a moment, get closer to nature. The coach is pure romance, so take the plunge and contact us

The exterior

This superb carriage that makes many dream is very easily towable on the road. The Jardin Bohème carriage is the absolute charm. This magnificent carriage made of wood from the French Pyrenees. It is perfect for a tête à tête and to spend good moments with 2 or 4 people.

Dimensions of Carriage

The structure is made of solid three-layer Douglas fir panels. A local and perennial wood species. The structure is made of solid wood treated class 4, to ensure optimal stability of the structure. The whole is assembled in workshop, it is possible to ask for it "preassembled or in kit" (this requires material and knowledge in carpentry).

The coach is designed to be fixed, it can be delivered with a displacement kit on removable wheels.

You can ask for a specific paint color for your coach as well as any specific arrangement (extension, kitchen, candy bar, photobooth,...)

The benefit of using the coach

Why trust us ?

    We guarantee a high level of quality in the manufacture and finishing of the coach
    We respond to unique and customized projects. The coach can be fitted out in various ways.
    We guarantee an after-sales service: customer follow-up, guarantee...

Jardin Bohème, it is at the same time the originality, the well-being in charming accommodations.
From the single plank of wood to the finishing touches, we master all the manufacturing stages to guarantee you maximum reliability and satisfaction.

From the beginning of our company, we have adopted an approach of protection for the environment, which means that we use for the coach wood from French Pyrenean forests managed sustainably, ecological materials and paints not polluting (lasure and acrylic) and recycling of all remaining wood.

The coach is made mainly of Douglas fir and spruce. They are used for their resistance and their adaptability in time.

Starting at 29 000€.

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