House Extension

The mobile house extension allows you to directly extend your house without building permission. It is an additional room that is assembled in less than 10 days.

Our house extension adapts to all types of land without concrete slab. Building an ecological wooden house extension is also to meet a need for expansion, comfort, while respecting the environment. It's all about the unmatched warmth of Pyrenean wood from PEFC classified sustainable forests

The layout of the house extension

extension maison
L'extension de Maison Jardin bohème

A mobile extension: the first fully modular and mobile house extension.

Easy installation (1 day/no work)

Thanks to its volumes you can :

 > Welcome family and friends,
 > Create a teenager's bedroom / additional bedroom
 > Enlarge a living space
 > Create a work space
 > Welcome a senior citizen (PMR adaptation)



Our trailers are custom made and fully customizable.

You choose the size of your extension, the interior layout, the location of the woodwork, the colors and exterior decorations. Together, we create a unique project that reflects your personality!
The exterior of the house extension is made of 300 cm class 4 autoclave Douglas fir cladding panels. There is therefore no maintenance to do.
The structural panels on the sides, on the roof and on the floor offer exceptional performance in terms of waterproofing, soundproofing and acoustic insulation. The whole structure is fireproof and insulated with the RT2012 standard.

Concerning the administrative steps:

Depending on your project, you will have a prior request for work to do or a request for a building permit. You must get information from your town hall. However the law is :

    Between 5m² and 20m² (40 m² if the area is covered by a PLU):   Prior declaration of works
    > 20m² (40 m² if the area is covered by a PLU) : Building permit

At Jardin Bohème, your extension is built like a wooden house:

- a system of removable entrance will allow the connection with the house
- an ecological insulation in wood wool
- Wooden joinery and double glazing
- Natural and local materials (pine & Douglas fir)
- Designed with a robust and agricultural chassis built in France: facilitates the displacement or the resale

We have a sustainable development approach, 100% French and short circuit

The advantages of a house extension

    Modern design and custom-made
    Less expensive than a concrete or brick extension which can cost around 50,000 euros.
    Fast installation: 10 days maximum.
    Your house is enhanced because you add extra m².
    A house extension that adapts to any land.
    Flexible and light, the wooden house extension is exceptionally modular according to your projects.8

The waterproofing between your house and the extension

The adhesion and the articulation between your house and the extension of house is carried out by Jardin Bohème. Indeed, we guarantee the waterproofing between the 2 in its technique and durability.
We directly install seals between the extension and your house of 35 mm thick using a silicone sealant. We add aluminum protections on the joint and on the sides of the extension.
Aluminum is durable and maintenance free.

The ecological interest of the wooden extension

We use wood from the Pyrenees from forests classified as sustainable PEFC. It is also the material that consumes the least energy. It is thus in this optics that we privilege specific wood in Pine or Douglas.

Wood is also economical because it reduces the duration of the work (10 days to build a wooden extension against several months for brick or concrete) and therefore reduces the time and costs of construction.
The construction site of the wooden extension Jardin Bohème is therefore said to be "clean" and 100% recyclable because all the ancillary work of cutting and trimming the wood is done in our shed beforehand.

The interior of the extension :

extension de maison en bois
L'intérieur de l'extension

The exterior of the extension :

roulotte gitane ancienne
roulotte habitable
roulotte hotel

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