Bohemian Chicken House

The Bohemian hen house is very colorful and is shaped like a trailer. It has a reinforced roof with a very bohemian chic style. It will immediately find a place of choice in your garden that it will highlight because of its trailer shape. Spacious and solid, it will fit perfectly in your garden.

The advantages of the Bohème henhouse

Very bohemian, practical, well thought out, it can receive up to x hens. It has an effective protection with a small trailer made of French Pyrenean wood. Beautiful, the park has a galvanized metal fence resistant to corrosion. The maintenance is easy.

The caravan part is in height to avoid humidity. The roof has been reinforced with the wood of our trailers.

The shelter in the shape of a caravan is not afraid of the rain, it is completely waterproof.

The protected area created by the wire mesh pen is very appreciated by the hens and allows them to air out safely, even during the night. They will be able to stretch their legs in complete safety. They will also be able to use the space under the night area.

Inside the caravan, we have a perch for the rest of the night and another type of perch outside on the sides of the caravan (nap of the day..). These 2 types of perches make all the difference.


The technical description of the Bohème henhouse

The turnkey Bohemian henhouse

Having chickens in the city or in the country is possible with Jardin Bohème. The key is to choose the right hen house and to have a garden. With our Bohemian hen house equipped with a nesting box, perch, access ramp, etc. ... your chickens will be in the ultra-comfort.
The main advantage of the Bohemian hen house is that it can be custom made and can have large dimensions.

Some advice for the maintenance of the Bohème henhouse.

Even if we can treat the wood of the nesting box in the same way as our caravans, some advice are good to take:

  1.   Treat the mini trailer (the nesting box), regularly and repeatedly with products that are not harmful to the environment and the hens and that will not end up in the eggs. We use ecological, eco-responsible and non-harmful paints. You can ask us for advice if you wish
  2. The Bohemian hen house should be well oriented because light is one of the basic principles of hygiene. A henhouse exposed to the south and benefiting from the sun all day will be less conducive to the development of diseases and parasites than a henhouse facing north

Useful information

Whether you buy our hen houses or want to build your own, the habitat for your chickens is the essential accessory on which you should not make a mistake. It is the most important investment when you want to raise poultry (hens, roosters, chicks, ducks ...)
Before installing our henhouse in your garden, ask your town hall about the current legislation (except if you live in the countryside far from houses).

The important points not to neglect on a henhouse:

  •  Choose the right size
  • Choosing the right location and orientation
  • The maintenance
  • The security
  • The enclosure and the fence

The price of the Bohème henhouse

Bohème henhouse

Bohème henhouse


4.950,00 €

  • 70 kg
  • nombre d'articles limité
  • 5 à 8 semaines de délai de livraison1

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