Cocotte Chicken House

Installing chickens at home is an eco-citizen approach. In the same style as our trailers, we wanted to extend and decline our know-how.

There is no better way to recycle than with chickens, because they transform waste and you have fresh eggs every day.

Discover the Cocotte henhouse: a chic, practical and comfortable henhouse for your chickens!  Very pretty with its bohemian style in the shape of a hen, it can accommodate up to 2 hens in excellent conditions with a large space. This model of henhouse is very design.

Its fronts are made of aluminum, known for its sturdiness, its waterproofness.

The 25 to 30 mm aluminum uprights guarantee strength and durability. Our Cocotte henhouse is designed to be installed outside.

The technical description of the Cocotte henhouse

The advantages of the Cocotte henhouse

The roof of our henhouse Cocotte hides a storage space for the food of your poultries.

The roof in the shape of a hen favors the drainage of rainwater and thus allows a good holding of the Cocotte henhouse.

The night part of the Cocotte henhouse is placed in height and the access is done via a stable and solid ramp. This allows to be protected from water and to be better isolated at night. 2 hens can live in this small house with access to the feeders.

You can easily retrieve your eggs daily by unclipping the roof and opening the 2 small entrance doors.

Are you looking for a small hen house to start raising chickens? This is exactly the one you need. It is perfect for small spaces because of its small size and light weight.

Finally, the cleaning is greatly facilitated by the presence of a metal drawer for droppings located on the side.

The other advantages of our Cocotte henhouse :

  •   Nice, simple, practical and design hen house in the shape of a hen.
  • Wire mesh hatches for maximum ventilation with side and top ventilation.
  • Hutch accessible from the outside on top.

Useful information for the Cocotte chicken house

When you buy our Cocotte henhouse or even our Bohème henhouse, several rules must be respected:

    Ventilation. This is one of the most important characteristics of a henhouse. Allowing a constant air circulation without gusts of wind. This allows to have a good temperature, not to have too much humidity, etc. Do not install your coop in full sun so that your hens can breathe a minimum.
    The walls of the hen houses are more impervious to bad weather and parasites if they are made of solid wood like our Bohème hen house or aluminum like our Cocotte hen house.
    The entrances of our hen houses : They are large and are made via an anti-slip ramp on the 2 hen houses. The entrances are completely closed in the evening by a slide (Cocotte henhouse) and by a door (Bohemian henhouse).
    The laying area of our two hen houses is secured from predators and free from any humidity.
    The elevation of the henhouse. Whether it is the Cocotte or Bohème henhouse, they are both raised from the ground to allow for proper ventilation and to avoid predators such as rats, mice, parasites... Then, to avoid the mold of the hen houses.
    The perch. It is present in particular in the Bohème henhouse. It is very useful at night and also removable to allow easy cleaning.

Our Cocotte henhouse

Our Cocotte henhouse

Wooden henhouse made of panels against glued douglas.
Can accommodate 2-3 hens

5.135,00 €

  • 90 kg
  • nombre d'articles limité
  • 5 à 8 semaines de délai de livraison1

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