Children's huts

With our latest project of Children's Cabins, it's really the return to childhood, to make your children live unforgettable moments in family. It is the continuation of our superb wooden trailers.

Jardin Bohème's children's cabins are made from wood from our Pyrenean forests and protected like our trailers.
From the order to the delivery, we guarantee you a reactive, fast and 100% French service so that you are 100% satisfied.
Moreover, we ensure the delivery within 2 to 6 working days directly to your home depending on the orders and the access conditions.

With these new children's huts, we are sure that the best moments are also lived in family and in your garden, that's why we chose to develop bohemian huts, coach for your children.

As you know, from the time they are very young, your toddlers are awakening and having fun on swings, playgrounds, hiding in small houses, with wooden toys, outdoor games and sandboxes adapted to their age.

Children's cabins are more than just a game, they are also a way for you to think about your childhood memories, to escape, to be free.

For your children, the garden is a place of learning and awakening to nature. It is important for them to discover, experiment and have fun naturally. It's their own adventure and with Jardin Bohème huts, they won't be disappointed.

Whatever the age of your child, the size of your garden, you have the choice with 2 totally different models: the coach and the trailer.

The Jardin Bohème children's hut is also for you parents an exceptional decorative object that stands out and lasts over time

Why have a children's cabin at home ?

The reason is simple: To make your children live great trips, freedom, escape without leaving his garden. From the age of 3, they can have their own tree house and have fun in it. Moreover our 2 models of huts are mobile and secure.

We use specific materials, whether it is wood, paint... They have a totally original design that calls for escape, play.

Choosing Jardin Bohème's children's huts for your children is choosing to be made in France with noble materials, choosing to have experience with our trailers for over 10 years.

Your turnkey children's cabins

The Bohemian Garden Carriage is a great play space, perfectly suited for all children from 3 to 7 years old.
We deliver the children's hut ready to use but we advise you to install it in your garden to guarantee the safety of your children and not on a hard surface or concrete for example and flat.

Our children's cabins are made of high quality treated wood from the Pyrenees, dried and ultra resistant. You can however apply a coat of saturator and/or wood stain, but only after several years. We deliver the children's cabins already treated.

The advantages of using our cabins

Why trust us for children's cabins ?

  1.  Huts entirely built with local Pyrenean wood.
  2. Totally secure huts for your children.
  3. Eco-responsible design of our huts.
  4. No need for any authorization.
  5. Handcrafted in our workshop in Vic-Fezensac in the Gers 32, visitable.
  6. Incomparable durability and solidity thanks to the choice of the best local products.
  7. Conformity to the European standards CE EN-71
  8. 10 years warranty for the wooden structure

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